County Fair Memories:


Relive your fondest memories of an old-fashioned county fair! Experience all the color, excitement, sights and sounds of the midway, rides, animals, carnival games, wonderful fair food, and special events of all kinds! Feel like you're taking a ride on a 100 foot Ferris Wheel, visit with a wide array of adorable farm animals as they compete for their blue ribbons, or watch the baby pigs race around their track in the "Dash for Mash"! Peppy ragtime music highlights this ONE OF A KIND video for young and old! Let us transport you to a simpler and happier era, at the push of a button! Great for reviving happy memories for older family members, Alzheimer's patients, or to bring a happy experience to anyone confined to home or facility! Great gift idea for ages 5-105!

(approx. 30-minutes)


A Day at the Zoo:


Everyone loves a day at the zoo, but who has the time? Now you can sit back, relax and stroll through all sorts of exhibits, from mysterious gorillas and lovable elephants to majestic big cats and comical prairie dogs! Go behind the scenes with keepers as they explain how to hand-raise baby animals and care for exotic creatures of all kinds! Parents, teachers, day care centers for young and old, and children of all ages enjoy this colorful escape from daily routine! Educational and fun, this video has actually replaced BARNEY in homes with young children! Also highly recommended for use with Alzheimer's patients and caregivers of all kinds. A thoughtful gift for anyone with young children!

(approx. 30-minutes)


Festival of Lights:


Enter a world of holiday magic, where hundreds of thousands of colored lights, animated fantasy displays, and unique attractions of all kinds create a winter wonderland for visitors of all ages!

North America’s Number One Holiday Event, A FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS in Niagara Falls U.S.A. and Canada, has been delighting visitors from around the world since 1981! 

Delight in the sparkle and excitement of this world-famous event from the comfort of your OWN HOME! Soft instrumental carols and minimal narrative make this a relaxing, festive, and treasured souvenir, or a unique GIFT idea for family and friends from around the world!

(approx. 30-minutes)


Christmas Hearth:


Experience all the warmth, natural sounds and cheery atmosphere of an old-fashioned Colonial Christmas fireplace, anytime, anywhere, at the push of a button! Let this delightful 60 minute video brighten any holiday gathering or activity. Create an instant focal point for a home or office party, and watch the crowd gather to "warm" their hands and sing along with traditional instrumental carols! This unique video makes a cozy, inviting background for tree trimming, greeting card writing, present wrapping, or just relaxing after a hectic day! Send it as a thoughtful and unexpected gift to brighten a dorm room or nursing home lounge. Use it on Christmas morning as a gentle background for opening gifts or as a non-intrusive addition to dinner or cocktail. It's a video you'll want to play again and again to add festive warmth and enjoyment to your holidays for years to come! 

(approx. 60-minutes) 



Additional videos that are available for a donation to “Jim’s Projects”:


-“Ocean Waves- “Solitude by the Sea”- Sit quietly on South Beach, Martha’s Vineyard, and watch the waves roll in. Bask in the afternoon sunshine, and listen to the endless “natural music” of the ocean as the waves continuously bathe the sandy shore. No music or narration to disturb the mood. A real treat for the eyes and the ears!

                                                                                                                                 (approx. 60-minutes)


-“Video Aquarium of Niagara Falls, New York- Sit back and relax and let the sparkling water, colorful tropical fish, restful sounds of bubbling water, and peaceful “light" music effortlessly relieve your stress, and relax your mind and body. Enjoy all the benefits of watching several beautiful aquariums, with none of the work or responsibility! Just pure enjoyment anytime, anywhere.                                    (approx. 60-minutes)    


-“Winter in Niagara Falls”- You’ve never seen this world-famous attraction like this! Enjoy breathtaking footage from both the American and Canadian sides. Marvel at brilliant ice-crystal rainbows, ice-coated trees, and unearthly ice formations. Soft musical background, and an informative narration.        

                                                                                                                                  (approx. 30-minutes)


-“Country Hearth”- Bring the warmth, natural “crackle”, and cheery atmosphere of a Colonial open-hearth into your home or office! No work, no worry, just pure enjoyment.

                                                                                                                                 (approx. 60-minutes)

-“Sing Along With Your Old Favorites!”- For the older “folks”, this one can bring back MANY wonderful memories! Large on-screen, easy-to-read lyrics, and professionally-orchestrated accompaniments makes this video a joy for those who enjoy thinking back to “the good old days.” Two dozen songs include such favorites as: “Down by the Old Mill Stream”, “Sweet Adeline”, “a Bicycle Built for Two”, “the Band Played On”, and many others. Sing along, or just sit back and relax to the wonderful music! Great for nursing homes, and senior group activities.        

                                                                                                                                  (approx. 60-minutes)


Special Note:


As I said on the Main Page, this is just a sampling of the videos we have done over the years. There are more not listed here . Those you see here are still available, but only to those who are kind enough to send a donation to my children's aid organization, which is called "Jim's Projects." STB is no longer a working production company. I have tapes still sitting on the shelf, however, ready to bring some happiness to anyone who wants them. A $20 or more donation to "Jim's Projects" at, and a note to me telling me which tape you are interested in receiving, is all it takes to get the tapes that I still have left. I have a few of the titles on DVD as well, if you prefer. Just let me know what you want, and I will see what we have. No more of these videos will ever be produced, so I only have what was duplicated before STB closed down. I hope you like what you see here, and I hope even more that you will read all about "Jim's Projects" sometime. That is where my heart is now! Thanks for looking all of this over. I really do appreciate it.

                                                                                                             Take care everyone.   Jim.