This is a listing of the catalogs, newspapers, and periodicals that my videos have been in, as well as a sampling of the comments received about my work over the years. I can’t include them all, so I only selected a few of my favorites. I hope you will enjoy reading them now too!           Jim.

Catalogs, newspapers, and periodicals that have featured STB videos:

-Publisher’s Clearinghouse- 40 million mailings went out in one day with this one!

-Signals and Wireless Catalogs- (the official catalogs of the PBS television network).

-S&S Worldwide Catalog- Colchester, CT.

-Golden Horizons Catalog- Sullivan, IL.

-Potentials Catalog- Amherst, NY.

-Hammett Products Catalog- Atlanta, GA.

-Gold Timers Catalog- Pacheco, CA.

-Sea Bay Co. Catalog- Middletown, NJ.

-Joan Cook Catalog-

-Senior Products- Atlanta, GA.

-AdaptAbility Catalog- Colchester, CT.

-Briggs Corp. Catalog- Des Moines, IA.

-Star Crest Productions Catalog- Perris, CA.

-Medical and Activity Sales Catalog- Omaha, NE.

-S&S Preschool Catalog- Colchester, CT.

-Buffalo Made It! Catalog- Buffalo, NY.

-Creative Forecasting (advise newsletter)- Colorado Springs, CO.

-The Buffalo News (newspaper)- Buffalo, NY.

-Wegmans (large supermarket chain)- Rochester and Buffalo, NY.



-(From May, 2015)- Thank you so much!! My Alzheimer's residents absolutely LOVE the videos you have made! The Gardens, Blossoms and Blooms video is one they especially love. It's relaxing for them and they always comment on how beautiful the flowers are. It's great sensory stimulation for those who are in the late stages of Alzheimer's as well. Staff loves it too!

I also played the “Sing Along with Your Old Favorites” DVD for my Alzheimer's residents and it was a big hit with them!! I saw their faces light up, some started singing and dancing in their chairs… it makes me happy to see them happy!! :) May God bless all your efforts!! There is now a new group of residents that are enjoying your videos. The Gardens, Blossoms & Blooms video has always been a huge hit with my residents, and it still is, with all of our new residents. The new residents love the sing-a-long video too!

Stephanie F., Activity Director- Alzheimer's Unit, Island Lake, IL

-“I have never seen anything like these videos! They take you into another world of beauty and music, and you are left with a feeling of peace and contentment that is hard to find in the world today. Jim has a special sensitivity towards life, and for blending music, video, and nature’s soothing sounds. I wish him great success and all good things for the future.”                                Janet S. Newport, RI.


-“When I received your videos I went straight home to watch them. They are wonderful. The music and visuals took me to a whole new place. At times my eyes filled so I had to wipe them to see clearly! I sat in the dark and really imagined that I was experiencing the places that I saw. I can’t thank you enough for these tapes.”

                                                                            Barbara H., Orlando, FL.


-“Living on Cape Cod, I sometimes forget how beautiful it truly is! This tape (“Autumn on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard) brings home, in living color and great classical music, how wonderful it is to live here. Jim has captured the essence of Cape Cod with a wonderfully creative and artistic presentation. I really enjoyed this new look at my favorite place!”

                                                                            Helen D., Hyannisport, MA.


-“These nature/stress-reduction videos are most remarkable presentations. They are totally relaxing and make you feel you are standing there amidst all of the four seasons. They are video and audio treasures!”

                                                                            Cynthia S., Delaware.


 -“I just watched your stress-reduction videos, and I LOVED THEM!!! I have a very high-stress job, and they really will help me. My favorite is “Gardens, Blossoms, and Blooms.”                                                             Deirdre R., Court Clerk, Los Angeles, CA.


-“Just by slipping in the Christmas Hearth video, the room instantly takes on a cozy and festive atmosphere for all of our family and friends throughout the holiday season! It is a real plus when entertaining, but does NOT need a party to be appreciated. It can be enjoyed anytime!”             Joan V., CT.

-“They are like a ray of sunshine in my life! When I am despondent, upset, sorrowful, or in pain, they help me to relax and forget about those things. These tapes bring back wonderful memories of days gone by, of walking in the country, of raking leaves, and so many other pleasant memories as well. Thank you so much for these videos.”

                                                                             Margaret V., Boston, MA.


 -“I get an excellent response to your videos! I use them with patients who are experiencing sleepless nights here at the clinic. They watch them and it seems to really relax them and clam them down. The Four Seasons and Cape Cod tapes are really beautiful. And the Aquarium and Ocean Waves tapes are very “hypnotic”! I am grateful to have these tapes in our library here at the center. Thank you for making such high-quality videos.”                     

                                                                             Rae T., The Betty Ford Center, Rancho Mirage, CA.


-“People in wheelchairs sometimes can’t get out to see the beauty of nature anymore. These tapes take us to places we may never see again by ourselves. Thank you.”

                                                                            Jim L., New York, NY.


-“What great tapes! I am really impressed with the quality of work from STB Productions. As a former teacher and library-media specialist, I can see endless possibilities for classroom use with these tapes. They are truly “video field trips” through your TV screen.”                             

                                                                            Eleanor N., WNED Public Television, Buffalo, NY.


-“I am a retired nurse, and I teach nursing students. I use STB videos in my stress-management classes with my students. They just love them!  

                                                                            Louise P., Albany, NY.


-“Your videos are artistic, inspiring, interesting, and they tell a story! It’s better than being there in-person.”     

                                                                            Richard E., West Lawn, PA.


-“We watch your videos on a regular basis, and they are so calming to everyone who enjoys them. They spark so many wonderful memories in everyone!”

                                                                            Linda S., Director of the Lutheran Center, Smithtown, NY.


-“Your Zoo tape has gone over BIG with our child dental patients. It has a very relaxing influence on the children, and adds an important parameter to our dental treatments. Thank you! Your video production abilities are greatly admired and appreciated.”                      

                                                                           James E., DDS, Rochester, NY.


-“I have found the ‘Timeless Memories Video Collection’ to be an invaluable resource for all of our residents. I would recommend that no nursing home be without these videos!”                                                             Sister Elise, Activity Director, St. Francis Home, NY.


-“These videos are indeed amazing. They are much loved by all of our residents. We are looking forward to buying the next ones!

                                                                           Vivien J., Elmwood, NY.


-“The Festival of Lights” video allows us to explore a wonderful holiday tradition we would not otherwise be able to enjoy! A fine addition to anyone’s collection.”

                                                                           Dan M., Erie County Home, NY.


-“These videos are truly some of the most pleasant tapes I have ever seen. They bring a real sense of serenity and peace. I am a big fan of nature and the outdoors, and I felt that they captured it all in a beautiful way. Please keep me informed about any new tapes you may be producing!”             

                                                                           Don S., Psychiatrist, Hospice of NY.


-“The response of our residents has truly been remarkable! Thank you for creating such a beautiful and caring feeling for so many people to enjoy each day.”

                                                                           Bill S., Farmington, CT.


-“Thank you so much for your wonderful video of the Niagara Falls Christmas season, with the beauty, fun, and ‘sparkle’ of The Festival of Lights! The children truly loved them. We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity. Thank you so much.”

                                                                           Margaret T., Children’s Hospital, Buffalo, NY.


-“Beautiful! So close to nature, so original. I loved the grotto and waterfalls. The music is so lovely. They make me feel peaceful.”

                                                                           Bessie O., Williamsville, NY.